Setup of Jerome

From sleek software to cutting-edge hardware, dive into the ecosystem that fuels Jerome's productivity and creativity.


Creative Cloud

The complete package for graphic designers.

Adobe Creative Cloud with its Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and other software is the industry standard of graphic design.


Notion is the go-to tool for projecting first ideas, thanks to its incredibly useful features and seamless accessibility across all devices.


Webflow is truly the powerhouse of website design. Lighting fast and super easy to use.

With just little imagination you can really create something out of this world – something just like this website.

Ableton Live

Ableton far surpasses FL Studio in efficiency and functionality.

Ableton is just perfect for me, as someone who simply wants to enjoy my free time experimenting with music.

Sony Alpha 6400

There is a reason why Sony cameras are so popular. Their unmatched autofocus speed makes them stand out, along with the outstanding picture quality.

Sony Alpha 6400 is a rather lightweight body thanks to its APS-C sensor, which makes it an ideal companion for traveling.

18-105 mm f/4

Paired with an APS-C camera body – in my case, the Alpha 6400 – this lens can be used for almost everything.

The built-in stabilisation makes this lens great for videos. However it is quite bulky, so it isn't ideal for vlogging.
In action

See how this combo of software and hardware can create something truly awesome.